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08U OH-WAY NATIONAL TEAM x 2017-2018 2018-2019
Casey Ingle

Casey Ingle

National Team Director

Phone: (313) 404-3212

SportsNgin App Mobile Team ID: search OH-WAY NATIONAL TEAM or 2345811

Matt Summers

Matt Summers

8U Team Leader



OH-WAY is pleased to announce the selection process of the 2017-2018 OH-WAY NATIONAL TEAM representing Ohio at the NUWAY National Duals in Fort Wayne, IN the weekend of January 4th - 7th, 2018.

In a move to broaden participation, strengthen our teams and continue OH-WAY’s commitment to creating great wrestling opportunities across Ohio, we are appointing age-group specific leaders who will work with Coaches across Ohio to identify, select and build our best possible age-based teams.  To help facilitate this process and selection, OH-WAY has appointed Casey Ingle as overall OH-WAY National Team Director.  Casey is responsible for selecting OH-WAY National Team Age Group Leaders, Team Coaches and facilitating the overall team selection process.  We will have OH-WAY National Teams representing Ohio in each of the Boys 8U, 10U 12U and 15U divisions, as well as the Girls 12U and 15U divisions.  We have historically been focused on fielding (2) teams in each division; however, based on interest levels, that number could increase or decrease.

In terms of individual wrestler selection, we will be using the macro objective of fielding the absolute best team at each age division.  From there, additional teams will be identified based on the following criteria:

1.      Previous OH-WAY State and Regional placements

2.      Previous OH-WAY National Team participation (NUWAY National Duals)

3.      Previous NUWAY National event performance (American Pride, Great Lakes Championships, NUWAY Nationals, NUWAY Summer Nationals, Freak Show, etc)

4.      Previous OHIO and NATIONAL tournament performance

Our goal will be to have coaches and full team rosters in place by the end of September with multiple training camp opportunities scheduled across Ohio prior to the NUWAY National Duals event.

If you are interested in participating as an Age Group Director or Team Coach; or have any questions as to the overall OH-WAY National Team or NUWAY National Duals, please contact Casey Ingle directly at or (313) 404-3212.